Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The content discussed is not the opinion of   Ascended Masters The topics are not intended to replace any Medical , Legal or Financial Advice,  AscendedMasters.store does not make any warranties and or claims regarding any product service or course or any other item listed on the site . nor is responsible for any actions or refunds for any products/services provided by merchant

There are no charges for anyone to view the content on the site,,

and valid email is required to view content , and email may be used to market and promote other services


All content must be submitted for approval for review,, 

If Merchant has multiple offerings /products/service, all products must be the merchants , not a third party that they are trying to promote , unless otherwise approved by site owners

Great Wealth Awakening Programs

By creating an account to participate in the GREAT WEALTH AWAKENING programs you are acknowledging that you are aware that the information provided to you is for EDUCATIONAL purpose only , and you are solely responsible for any gains and or losses you make as a result of information The information shared or its results ,, is not typical in nature , and you understand that you are acting on any information at your own discretion and risk and this network and or its affiliates /owners and course providers  are not responsible for your results

CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS : Once a merchant has enrolled, there will be no refunds  for monthly or annual memberships:

 Monthly memberships recur automatically on or about the same day as initial month membership was drafted
Cancellations on recurring memberships must be submitted 72 hours before draft date, or you can log into your account and manually cancel or change your subscription.

If there are any drafts that happened after the request submitted following the above terms,  a refund for the full amount will be issued upon notification within 3 business days upon request of the member.

Annual memberships that receive discount ,  will not receive a refund of any prorated amount Should they choose to cancel The annual rate is discounted and if the member decides to cancel there will be no refund issued as the member has been given as much time needed to select their membership

We have the right to remove and delete any member with or without cause. If that happens, the pro-rated amount of membership not used will be refunded back to the member upon request from the member if content is removed from Ascended Masters.

Refunds may take up to 10 business days to show up on your statement.

Payments will show up as FREE MEDIA ADVICE/ SPIRITUALLY RAW. on your statement and receipts

ALL membership inquiries can be submitted directly to ascendedmastersstore@gmail.com